Jeremy Samide about the Fidelis

CEO Jeremy Samide Sees "Steadily Growing" Business with Fidelis

Fidelis Cybersecurity has landed a former Forcepoint CEO as new top executive.

Jeremy Samide, CEO of Stealthcare, an Ohio-based Fidelis partner, said he is excited about the appointment, saying McCormack "certainly has the pedigree in leadership, technology, product development and the cybersecurity landscape" for the role.

"John has the background and experience working with similar industry organizations at roughly the same stage as Fidelis’ growth trajectory. This is certainly a validation to the both John’s willingness to join Fidelis as it is Fidelis’ reputation and potential growth in the market. We see the mutual attraction as a benefit for all parties," Samide said.

Samide said Stealthcare has seen "steadily growing" business with Fidelis, saying the company is one of the solution provider's top partners. He said Stealthcare continues to build its relationship with Fidelis, which he said is important for the company's top clients as the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve. Samide said he thinks McCormack's appointment will only further that push, saying it is a validation of the company's strategy and roadmap.

"It’s early, but I think it is a good move for Fidelis as they continue to scale and expand their presence. John has the experience and credentials to take Fidelis to a higher level," Samide said.