Stealthcare offers full service cyber security solutions
that inform, empower and protect.


We believe a customized approach combining the best of human and computer intelligence is the only way to effectively deal with the cyber security dangers we face.

Understanding the sociology, psychology and the technical aspects of the cyber attackers, layered with human and predictive analysis creates actionable intelligence and yields more useful results for our clients. Stealthcare’s early identifying indicators and services are transforming the way organizations are protecting their assets and investing in the cyber security sector. We provide intelligence and a hands-on approach that surfaces trends and protects our clients in a unique and powerful way.


Deliver exceptional cyber security intelligence products providing a circle-of-trust for our clients, shareholders, employees and the global good.


Stealthcare was born from third party clients wanting access to high-level technology solutions and threat intelligence systems created by an international private research initiative. Stealthcare is dedicated to providing highly skilled resources to its global customer base. We deliver proven solutions and methodologies based on current and emerging threats in today’s business environments.

Stealthcare’s management and personnel have in depth experience servicing government clients including the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, the Department of Defense, Federal Law Enforcement and the U.S. Armed Forces. Stealthcare is also uniquely qualified with extensive experience in the private sector working with clients ranging from Family Offices to the Fortune 500. This is the true differentiator between Stealthcare and other companies – The authenticity of a successful track record and the global perspective in intelligence, counterintelligence, cyber security and the radical thinking that serves as a major weapon in the new cyber war.


Stealthcare is a diversified company, uniquely qualified, with deep roots in cyber security products and engineering, security education and awareness training, and a proprietary cutting edge, intelligent system delivering analytical insights on global change through a never before seen threat intelligence platform that predicts cyber attacks before they occur.


The cyber security market has yet to provide a solution that is disruptive, something that completely turns the tide in our fight against cyber criminals. Everything on the market today is reactive, defensive and requires input to function. True threat intelligence is the next generation in fighting the cyber war. The nature of Stealthcare’s threat intelligence and analytics engine ensures that the more real world data we collect, the smarter our platform will be. By being the first in the space as the research-cyber security hybrid, we’re on course to not only provide the premier weapon for fighting the cyber war but reign champion in this next frontier.