Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Help transform cyber security into radical solutions that contribute to the global good.


At Stealthcare, we strive to consistently evolve through market change. We seek innovation and intelligent solutions backed by the best research and latest technology.

Disruption is coded into our organizational DNA. We are passionate about making a difference in protecting organizations, global citizens, as well as protecting children from cyber crimes.


Radical Thinking and Practical Solutions: At Stealthcare, we encourage you to think radically, and we provide the tools so you can develop practical solutions.

Employees are Empowered: You will work with management mentors to plan your own goals, evaluate your contributions to the mission, and succeed on your chosen career path.

Meaningful Work & Growth Opportunity: Stealthcare provides meaningful work, autonomy, and recognition. We believe these key elements inspire creativity and passion.

Our team

We have talented and passionate people at Stealthcare and we are always looking for more.


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