Stealthcare’s vision is to transform conventional cyber security protection into radical solutions that contribute to the global good.

Stealthcare creed

At Stealthcare, we strive to consistently evolve through market change. We seek innovation and intelligent solutions backed by the best research and latest technology. Disruption is coded into our organizational DNA. We are passionate about making a difference in protecting organizations, global citizens, as well as protecting children from cyber crimes. We employ radical thinking, and practical solutions.

If the current period we find ourselves in eventually has a name, the cohorts of cyber-criminals, in their various guises, will probably be calling this ‘The Time of Plenty’.

There is sadly not much that stands in their way where Internet defenses are concerned. The age of digital super powers that do not carry a country flag and have no borders or rules of engagement is on the rise. They are organized, determined and smart. We are witnessing this everyday with new splinters, factions and loosely affiliated groups with strong opinions and the power to destroy, disrupt and cause chaos at the click of a button, literally.

The impact on the global economy to disrupt and or destroy financial markets, supply chain, consumer confidence and even governments themselves is within striking distance for cyber criminals. And there are massive gaps and an added layer of complexity when one considers areas such as mobile technology and the fast approaching Internet of Things.

Current technology solutions available in the market are not fit for the challenges we face. There is too much re-activity and not enough pro-activity. That’s why we believe there needed to be some seriously, new radical thinking in defeating the hackers and their ilk.

We are losing the war and the current strategies are clearly not working. Put simply, in the cyber security protection and investment sectors, a new, deeper and reliable capability was needed to surface trends. So we built it.