Security is not a technical issue, it’s a business strategy.

Stealthcare’s industry, technology, security and threat intelligence credentials provide a level of experience that is paramount in the market. Our staff has first hand knowledge and proven subject matter expertise. Our research intelligence capabilities provide in-depth understanding of the latest cyber attacks.

Threat Intelligence

We are your eyes and ears in a hostile cyber environment. The Stealthcare Threat Intelligence platform, Zero Day Live, is where we synthesize our research, intelligence, analysis and security into never seen tools that give you actionable information to protect your organization.

Stealthcare’s Intelligence Analysts are dedicated to researching and reporting international cybercrimes, which keeps our researchers at the forefront of cyber threat in all areas, including enterprise, mobile and social networking.

We uncover and report on actionable information ahead of traditional sources and customize that information for your company and industry.

We spot emerging trends and we dig into the darkest parts of the Internet, separating the signals from the noise. We produce high-value intelligence to protect you and your organization’s reputation, with the latest information and practical solutions that work to protect you and your business.

Cyber Risk And Threat Assessments

Stealthcare’s security experts utilize proprietary network security and vulnerability assessment methodology to understand and validate how well organizations are protected against security threats. Our professionals can identify threats and vulnerabilities from both internal and external sources. Our services include vulnerability and penetration testing of networks, mobile applications, websites, wireless networks and endpoint devices. Stealthcare security experts and researchers have the ability to demonstrate exploits and vulnerabilities giving our clients the capability to prioritize remedial actions in the most cost effective and efficient manner while keeping security in focus.

Managed IT Security Programs

Stealthcare understands the time commitment and effort involved in designing and implementing an effective security program for a corporation or family office. The amount of detail and complexity can be a daunting task. Stealthcare’s security staff has years of experience in creating and managing all aspects of security for large corporations, small businesses and family offices. Stealthcare offers repeatable and optimized processes around perimeter threat monitoring to include security status, advanced threat, infrastructure, internal threat, outlier threat, privilege use and non-traditional and multi-dimensional threat monitoring. We will also learn the behavior of the network enterprise and understand what expected behavior is and a sound appreciation for the organization’s specific operational and business model, knowing it will change over time. Our security programs have maintained their effectiveness while constantly addressing the overwhelming details of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape that exists.

Incident Response

Stealthcare can provide an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyber attack. Our objective is to develop a plan that is customized to the client in a way that limits damage, reputational risk and reduces recovery time and costs.

The longer it takes to find a hack, the costlier it is to deal with. The average cyber attack costs an organization $5.3M. Once a hack is confirmed, our incident response research platform moves quickly from minute one to find out ‘what is it?’ accelerating results on ‘how to stop it’. Stealthcare’s incident response research platform is available to assist your in-house team or other third-party IR teams. It seamlessly integrates into any size enterprise and reduces recovery time and costs.

Enterprise Integration

Stealthcare has positioned itself as a security solutions provider in the industry by providing cyber security consulting as well as offering the industry’s best security products as a part of our overall solution set. Stealthcare is partnered with many of the industry’s top hardware and software security companies in order to offer a full suite of products to our clients. Not only can we provide the hardware and software at competitive rates as a value added reseller (VAR) but we also offer our certified, security experts to implement those products and consult on the security, risk mitigation and ongoing strategy within these projects. We essentially become the trusted advisor and solutions provider to all of your technology and security needs. We are continually assessing our partnerships and always working on enhancing our position in the marketplace with additional vendors that we believe can make a difference in the cyber security space.